In this page you can view the LIC’s some top Advisors profile which was published in Business Outlook,  News paper & in Zee news channel.They may have come from diverse regions, backgrounds, professions and communities, but once they joined LIC, they introduce themselves as the LIC family and vow never to let go of this brand.

Bharat Parekh

      LIC’s Top most Life Insurance Advisor (Agent) Mr.Bharat Parekh has been the all India topper in the ranking of LIC Entrepreneurs; also he ranks 2nd in the world as per the MDRT list. Today hwe servicing 45,000 policies coming from 5000 customers. Each year he distributes pensions worth Rs.3 Crores  And Rs.50 Crores are Distributed as payments post maturity. He is the 1st Insurance Advisor who introduced Toll Free Concept in India in 90’s decade.

         Mr. Bharat Parekh is the India’s leading LIC Agent. His base location is at Nagpur. He is one of those rare professionals who started his career in 1985 with Rs.300 per month to help financial burdens of the family; today many zeroes have added to that Rs.300 and Parekh has become a millionaire, It is his dedication towards his work which make Bharat Parekh as a Brand in Insurance Industry. 

Bharat Parekh’s success story was published by The Economic Times on 15th May 2013 Not only Economic Times, but many other regional and local newspapers and magazines have written about No One LIC Agent Bharat Parekh.


           LIC advisor Parekh knew that every kind of business stands on investment. He would scroll through the local newspapers and read the death stories. Soon he would reach out to those families and offer free services in settling their insurance claims of the policies already done.Most of the times, insurance advisors disappear when people need them most. At such an hour when I reached out and offered help to receive their death claim amount from LIC. It made better sense. Gradually he created reputation in the market. From this he got reference business & repeat policy business from my client.

           His success mantra is that he always do basic homework before approaching new client. He try to find out enough information on his prospect client before meeting him so that his meeting will be fruitful. Whenever he knew of his prospects or existing client achievements he never forget to appreciate by sending letter of appreciation or by other new methods,. 



Life Insurance Advisor Bharat Parekh has experienced intense emotional insecurities of clients in his profession. There had been times when he had offered to service claims in case of death in a family, for a policy that he did not sell. when he approached the widow with the cheque, she wanted to know when she would receive the next payment. On disclosing that this was a one -time settlement, she refused to accept the payment saying that the amount being paid was too insignificant to last till the end of her life. She didn’t understand insurance contracts. Such experiences taught Parekh that insurance is such a product that both purchaser and beneficiary (Nominee) needs to understand before they purchase Insurance policy.

Today Top Life Insurance Advisor Mr.Parekh has an office in Nagpur; LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) has also allotted him an office in Mumbai. 20 Professionals staff work under him and support him in servicing his customers. He has also written a book titled ” Adding More To Life” , published by Paras Publishers, where he has shared his insights and practical examples that can aid the upcoming professionals in the insurance industry.

Parekh attributes his success to LIC. “LIC is a huge brand. No.1 position in Life Insurance Industry after even after 18 years of privatisation of Insurance Industry in India. Even now also LIC covers almost 70% market share & posses  lian share in Life Insurance market in India. The organization is extremely fair towards its employees, Marketing field force such as Advisor (Agents) and loyal to its customers. LIC is sending its performing agents to IIM Ahmedabad, ISB Hyderabad for training  to develop his agents professional  skill & for personality development.

     LIC have helped parekh to complete the CII training and have sent him abroad so that he meet different insurance professionals and exposed to new learning.

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